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single layer fabric

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Product Features:

4-shed and 5-shed series single layer fabric is standard type of polyester forming fabric in paper making,mainly used for producting cultural paper(single glue,double glue and color glue),printing paper,glazed paper,packing paper,commonnewsprint and so on. Suitable for common fourdrinier paper machine.

8-shed single layer fabric is used for producing the packing paper which be requested with big quantity, like kraft paper, cardboard, corrugated paper and so on. Also be used for producing common printing paper. Suitable for common fourdrinier paper machine.

Technical Parameters:

Paper Side/Machine SideΦ(mm)
Air permeability(m3/㎡h)
Warp dia
Warp dia
4 shed CXW27274 0.2 0.27 29.5-30.5 22.5-23.5 6500
4 shed CXW3124 0.18 0.21 34.5-35.5 28-29 6800
8 shed CXW25458 0.22 0.45 26.5-27.5 15.5-16.5 8000
5 shed CXW27275 0.2 0.27 29.5-30.5 25-26 7300

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