8-shed double layer fabric

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8-shed double layer fabric

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Product Features:8-shed double layer fabric is used for producing quality printing paper which include dictionary paper,offset printing paper, newsprint and wrap paper.Also be used for producing tissu paper and surface pulp,lining pulp,core pulp and bottom pulp of the board paper etc. Suitable for medium and high speed paper making machine.

8-shed double layer fabric

Technical Parameters:

Paper Side/Machine SideΦ(mm)
Air permeability(m3/㎡h)
Warp dia
Weft dia
2C5608 0.17 0.20/0.25/0.25 60-61 44-45 6400
2C6008 0.17 0.17/0.22/0.22 65-66 50-51 6200
2C6208 0.15 0.16/0.19/0.19 68.5-69.5 51-52 6200
2C6408 0.15 0.18/0.20/0.20 70-71 52-53 5076

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