16-shed 3 layer fabric

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16-shed 3 layer fabric

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Product Features:Multi-shed three-layer SSB forming fabrics is used for producing quality printing paper, tissue paper and cigarette paper etc. Suitable for high speed paper making machine.

The structure of triple layer SSB forming fabric permits to design the forming side and the wear side of the fabric independently to achieve better performance. The bottom side is made with large diameter yarns to improve stability and wear resistance. The sheet side has fine yarns to optimize the sheet forming characteristics of the fabric. The fine mesh on top supply a better sheet support, improving formation, increasing fiber retention and reducing two sideness.

SSB Triple Layer 16 shed

Technical Parameters:

TYPE Paper Side/Machine SideΦ(mm)
Denisity(lines/cm) Air permeability(m3/㎡h)
Warp dia Weft dia Warp Weft
0.20/0.28 0.22,0.22/0.22/0.50,0.50 40-41 38-39 6500
0.22/0.22 0.18,0.18/0.17/0.40,0.40 48-49 45-46 6300
0.15/0.20 0.15,0.15/0.15/0.30,0.30 59-60 69-70 5000
3WB4816 0.17/0.22 0.17,0.17/0.18/0.40,0.40 54-55 48-49  5500 

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