Applicable industry for polyester forming fabric

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Applicable industry for polyester forming fabric

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  The polyester forming fabric is divided into four series of single-layer nets, five-single single-layer nets, eight-single single-layer nets, eight-seven double-layer nets, sixteen-six double-semi-net nets and twenty-four four-story three-layer nets. Network and other series. The four-layer and five-series series single-layer polyester forming nets are suitable for making single-color, double-glue, color-adhesive and other cultural papers, printing papers, glossy papers, wrapping papers, and general newsprints.
  The eight-series series single-layer polyester forming net is suitable for copying large quantities of packaging paper and general printing paper such as paper bag paper, kraft paper, cardboard paper, corrugated paper.
  The eight-series series double-layer polyester forming net is suitable for making the surface pulp, lining pulp, core pulp and base pulp of higher printing paper, tissue paper and paperboard such as dictionary paper, offset printing paper, news paper and molding paper.
  The six-layer semi-polyester forming net of sixteen series is suitable for making offset printing paper, copper base paper, news paper, cigarette paper series (forming paper, filter rod paper, etc.), high printing paper, toilet paper, tissue paper and white cardboard, Paste, lining, core pulp and base pulp of board paper such as cattle cardboard.
  The multi-series three-layer polyester forming fabric is suitable for making high-grade printing paper, tissue paper, cigarette series paper, and the like.

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